I am so mad right now, of the past I had. Why did I have to be so different. Why did I not enjoy life why did I bring misery into my life. 

I treated everyone I know miserably. Then I had to be extra nice to them to make it up.

I loved living in the imagination.

Fuck you imagination. Go to hell. Rot in the nothingness. Fuck you timeless piece of shit. Fuck your fake emotions. Fuck your stupid appearance. Fuck your attention-seeking. Fuck your differentiating technique. 

I lost my girlfriend because of you piece of shit. I wish I can get her back and try over. But no I do not know if I even loved her with imagination taking over all the time. I do not want anything that has to do with my imaginative self. Until then, I will live the torture of going back to you every day, my love. I will live the imagination of breaking and fixing my relationship with every one I know because that was my fucking amusement. 


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