What if I do not want your cure

As I was scrolling through my timeline, I read the title of an article that said: How to cure depression. I realized there is no shoe fits all in every aspect of life, and this also applied to character development and depression.

I do not want to apply some man’s method to cure depression that worked for him. I do not think there is a cure for depression. I think that every individual is unique and going through depression because of a certain unique problem. Until he figures out what the problem is he will still live with his depression, because it is the mind’s way of saying something is bad and you need to fix it.

My current plan is to make an Amble change and see how it will affect my life style and character, and hence I would be closer to understanding my self. But I cannot figure out what to change? This is where I need your help so please suggest stuff in the comments.

Thank you.


13 thoughts on “What if I do not want your cure

  1. I already suggested a few things given your age and stage in life. I just shared you daily-prompts link today. Its a good start. Before participating in that i was invisible here.
    It will give you a word everyday and your focus will shift to that. Try it. I m sure it will help.
    Secondly the way u commented on my drawing i think you are good at it. So y dont you give that i shot. Anything creative helps.
    Have i given you link to survival kit post?? I will share after this comment.
    Theres a photography weakly challenge here. Will give link to tht too.
    These challenges and prompts shift your mind to positivity.
    What are your hobbies???
    You were good at sports. I can resume that too.
    You need to keep urself busy.
    All of this will provide you the change you are looking for

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    1. I may seem like a whiner but I had this lifestyle in college and it did not work. I was the president of one club and a cabinet member of another and an active member in another, while maintaining high grades also and friendships. However I was not happy and I failed eventually in leading the club because of my depressed deep down thoughts. I later had a girlfriend that I really liked, but I was afraid to get attached to her and then being separated afterwards, and I was afraid of her seeing how vulnerable I was (remember I am a people pleaser at heart) so I failed at showing my emotions to her and we eventually broke up after a short period of time. After that I got really depressed when she left for a long period. After that I neglected my studies and focused on friendships and chilling for my last year and a half but failed at it also due to my depression thoughts. Those are my years in college. I have tried everything until now, nothing seems to work.


      1. this is the post i am talking about..https://stoneronarollercoaster.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/survival-kit-concept/

        the bottom line is that your skills are there to save you. its a strong medicine we all have but we take it for granted. you tried all of that in college.
        you just have a hyper brain. you need to calm it down. and your skills will help you with this. you write really well.

        you said you are imaginative.

        try participating in prompts. that way people will visit your blog and comment on your post. i didnt start for appriciating but when it pours in you just love the feeling. try it

        for daily prompts: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/

        for photography challenge: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/

        rediscover yourself.
        its this time you need to kill before you start working. then everything will fall into place.
        dont worry.

        i dont know your religion. but did you try praying?? sometimes you need help from God when you are looking elsewhere.


      2. I am a Muslim. That is the reason I did not commit suicide, I am afraid of the judgment. That is what fucks up my mind even more. Religion is so nice but it is an optimal state. In reality people judge you according to their view points and no one is actually happy with what others do unless it pleases them. And you cannot tell me you should ignore people, no one can live alone.that is what is fucked up with this world. Everyone thinks they are the good guys and can point the blames easily and label others as bad guys. While in reality everyone has his own circumstances.
        Take me for example, I am trying to understand how to go on with my life without hurting anybody and being successful and happy, yet I cannot understand what the meaning of this life is or how to act. I cannot even understand the cause of my problem if it is psychological or innate… And then again we are so weak and we do not know anything. Like it’s a miracle how our bodies move and have life in them. These questions really fuck up my brain.


      3. I am a Muslim too. Did you try teling all of this to God?? Did you try to communicate with Him??
        The question you are asking. Ask Him. Cry your eyes out in Salah.
        I haven’t been praying much lately. But when i used to pray i would see amazing difference in everything. It gives you the peace you cant find anywhere.
        Ok. And secondly i am not telling you to ignore people. I agree we are social animals. But dont surrender your life to the will of people and what please them.
        Please yourself. Build yourself. And everybody will be pleased with you. Everybody wants to hang out with a successful person.

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      4. Pray and ask for His help. Maybe He wants you to pray. A friend of mine says of your prayers are not answered instantly. Keep praying. May be Allah likes the way you pray.

        In your case nothing else is working and you are very restless. Maybe this is what needs to be done.


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